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It is possible for foreigners to have a legal wedding in Italy.

Both civil and religious ceremonies can be performed.

In both cases it is necessary to present official documentation required by Italian law, which may vary according to nationality and obviously according to the type of ceremony.

There are unfortunately no short cuts but Marriage Italian Style will provide you with details of all required documentation and will handle the processing of the paperwork in Italy with your embassy and the Italian civil and religious authorities.

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  Civil Ceremonies in Rome

There are two beautiful locations designated for the celebration of the civil ceremony in the Capital.

The square designed by Michelangelo The Sala Rossa in Rome The Sala Rossa in the Campidoglio, a magnificent location on the Capitoline Hill,which was designed by Michelangelo.
The square overlooks the Roman Forum, the perfect backdrop for that unique wedding photo. This location is only available on Saturdays and Sundays.

Vignola Mattei Inside Vignola Mattei Outside The Complesso Vignola Mattei a delightful building set in the heart of antique Rome close to the Baths of Caracalla. This location is available for ceremonies every day with the exception of Tuesdays.
It is undoubtedly a more tranquil location with a slightly more personal feel about it.

Just marriedThe required documentation varies according to the nationality of the couple. A detailed list will be provided when more information about the couple has been received. All foreign couples regardless of nationality must appear in person, accompanied by an interpreter, at the registry office located in the Rome records building before the official ceremony to make the Declaration of Intent to Marry (Promessa di Matrimonio). In addition two witnesses and an interpreter are required at the official ceremony. The staff at Marriage Italian Style will make all the necessary appointments and naturally provide interpreting services and witnesses if required.

Religious Ceremonies in Rome

S. Giuseppe dei Falegnami S. Salvatore in OndaA Catholic ceremony must take place in a Catholic Church and both civil and religious authorization is required, consequently the one service will cover both the civil and religious procedures The required documentation to obtain the civil authorization varies according to the nationality of the couple, a detailed list will be provided when more information about the couple has been received. The religious authorization requires that official documents be forwarded to the Parish priest in Rome directly from your diocesan office. It is important to allow sufficient time to appropriately comply with all the necessary requirements. Marriage Italian Style will assist in liaising with Embassies, Italian authorities, parish priest in Rome, the priest who will conduct the service and also in obtaining approval from the Vicariate of Rome.

"Natasha and I were married in September 2004.
We were recommended Mary Handley by the Irish College in Rome.
From the start we felt confident that Mary was on top of all
the necessary arrangements from paperwork to hotel rooms.
The success of the day was in no small part due to Mary's efforts.
We would recommend Mary to anyone considering getting married in Rome".
Robin and Natasha Kiely
Rome is the home of some of the most evocative churches. Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods are all represented from the grandeur of the basilicas to the cities myriad of churches.

Wedding services according to other religious rites may also be arranged for example it is possible to have a Jewish ceremony. Required documentation and procedure will vary according to religion.

Close to Rome Alternatives

Church in Sacrofano near Rome If the Capital is a little overwhelming you may wish to consider alternative arrangements close to Rome. Only a few miles from the Eternal City you can celebrate your special day in a medieval village, a lakeside retreat or a restored castle, the options are numerous.

Even if you choose to marry outside of Rome a photographic session in the Eternal City can always be arranged, providing you with the best of both worlds.



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